“Life is too short to be spent inside the four walls of comfort, just step out and take that chance.”


Last few weeks were very difficult for me as I developed severe eye allergy in both my eyes. My became eyes were swollen, itchy and painful. After initial round of anti- histamine and ointment eyes were better for two days and then back to the same.

Another trip to Ophthalmologist and I was back on increased dose of anti- histamines and eye ointment. But, thankfully with the change of medicine there is improvement and now am on the path to recovery.

But because of this I was quite irregular with the posts. I lacked motivation and tried to avoid writing it. Now, back to writing…

Why this story? Our stories are linked with our everyday lives and that in turn is linked to traveling. It is how we perceive places, people and things around us and that’s what traveling teaches us every time we step out to see the world.”