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“For me, the four walls of my house was my home. But when I started travelling, the entire world became my home.”



Thimpu, Bhutan

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“I travelled to discover something new. But, got a newer me every time I returned home.”



On the way to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Paro, Bhutan

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“ Traveling has made me more modest, humble and aware of my existence in this beautiful world.”



Cherry blossom season in Tokyo, Japan

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“ Stop and the smell the roses, I was always told. But I always stopped to pick the wildflowers along the path I walked.”


Toledo, Spain

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“ I have been bitten by the travel bug and do I want to get treated for that? No, not at all!”



View from Taj Tashi, Thimpu, Bhutan

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“ Let me travel to known and unknown lands to seek and learn newer things which can never be learned in the confines of four walls.”



Thimpu, Bhutan