Once the borders start opening, people will start traveling perhaps with a little bit of apprehension and anxiety but they would want to travel to see the world. The fear of uncertainty will be looming large on their heads but that would not kill their spirit of traveling, adventure and exploring.

I hope by the time everything is back to normal or to the new normal, it would have made us all a better human being and a wiser traveler.


Starting with a hope

I have always believed that traveling is the best teacher and there are no good or bad lessons taught but it is a lifetime of learning that goes on forever. Unfortunately, because of the current situation we are all in, traveling is not possible but perhaps we can share our stories and experiences that changed us and made us a better human being. Let’s start with a little bit of hope that will take us a long way ahead…

Would you like to share your travel stories that helped you become a better person? Would appreciate it.

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels